Navratri Healing: Embracing the Divine Mother

navratri healing

Navratri healing is real. As Navratri commences, the air is filled with an aura of spirituality and devotion. It’s a time when the Divine Mother, often associated with Goddess Durga, is honored and celebrated for her triumph over evil. Navratri, meaning “Nine Nights in Autumn,” holds a special place in the hearts of millions, offering a unique opportunity for healing and transformation.

navratri healing

The Essence of Navratri for Navratri Healing

Navratri is a significant Hindu festival that extends for nine nights and ten days, commemorating the victory of good over evil. During this period, nine distinct forms of the Devī, or the Divine Mother, are revered. It’s a time to connect with the feminine energy that represents creation, preservation, and transformation.

The festival can be simplified by focusing on three major female Hindu deities during specific timeframes:

1. Lakṣhmī (Oct 15-17): Goddess of wealth and prosperity. 2. Sarasvatī (Oct 18-20): Goddess of knowledge and wisdom. 3. Durgā or Kālī Mā (Oct 21-23): The fierce and powerful forms of the Goddess.

Each goddess brings her unique qualities, and devotees offer candles, incense, flowers, sweets, water, and mantras as a way to connect with these divine energies. It’s a practice that can be performed facing East, either at sunrise or during a Venus or Moon Hora of the day.

Embracing the Divine Feminine

Navratri provides a precious opportunity to embrace the Divine Mother and her nurturing energy. For those who may have lacked motherly nurture in their childhood, this festival can be particularly meaningful. While we can’t change our past, we can transform our mental impressions and experiences through therapeutic self-care and yoga.

Navratri is a potent time for releasing painful memories, transcending negative emotions, and freeing ourselves from the shackles of the past that often blindside us when we least expect it. It’s a time to schedule healing sessions with your favorite therapist, as they can guide you on your journey of inner healing and transformation.

navratri healing

The Celebration of Good over Evil for Navratri Healing

Celebrating Navratri involves more than just ritualistic offerings. It’s about positive self-reflection, shedding destructive patterns, transcending our limitations, nurturing positive growth, and aligning with our higher purpose. It’s a time to evolve towards enlightenment and care equally for oneself and others.

The essence of Navratri is to acknowledge the battle between light and darkness, good and evil, within ourselves. It’s an opportunity for inner transformation and growth, where the Divine Mother’s energy can guide us toward a more resilient, strong, and grounded self.

Important Astrological Events: Navratri healing

Understanding the astrological events during Navratri is equally important. Multiple retrograde planets, celestial movements, and planetary conjunctions may impact us differently depending on our birth charts and life cycles. This can be a period of intense influence for those with sensitive points in their charts at the specified degrees.

While it may seem overwhelming, remember that you are not alone. Approach these transits with mindfulness and gratitude, and remember the mantra, “Everything is done for me, not to me,” to banish any victimhood mentality that may hinder your growth.


As Navratri unfolds, remember that you have the guidance and support of the Divine Mother. Embrace this sacred time for healing and transformation. Allow the Divine Feminine to nurture your spirit, release the past, and guide you towards enlightenment.

Navratri is a celebration of good over evil, both within and around us. Let its energy inspire you to transcend your limitations, nurture your growth, and align with your higher purpose. You are on a journey of healing, and the Divine Mother is here to guide you.

May this Navratri be a time of profound healing and transformation, and may you find strength and resilience in the embrace of the Divine Mother.
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