According to the Padam Purana which king had to live as a tiger for a hundred years due to a deer’s curse?

padam purana

What happened that made a king into a tiger in Padam Purana?

Padma Purana is one of the eighteen main Puranas of Hindu mythology. It is full of wisdom and historical stories that have shaped India’s culture for ages.

Its collection includes an intriguing tale that centred around King Prabhajana. A weeping deer curses him and all of a sudden his life changes.

In this article, we go deeper into the Padma Purana. We comprehend the King Prabhajana story. And the eventual salvation that follows his transformation into a tiger.

Padam purana

What was the curse of the Deer? | Padam Purana

The story of King Prabhañjana begins with an act that sets the course for his extraordinary transformation. Prabhañjana, a Kṣatriya king known for his valor and hunting prowess finds himself in the forest. It was the same day he was on a hunting expedition.

While pursuing a deer, he commits a grave act of cruelty . He kills the deer while it is in the act of breastfeeding its young fawn. Little did he know that this impulsive act would invite the wrath of the deer’s mother.

In Hindu mythology, the concept of karma is paramount. And Prabhañjana’s karma takes a swift and devastating turn. The mother deer was devastated by the loss of her offspring. She curses Prabhañjana to live as a tiger for a hundred years.

This curse serves as the pivotal moment in the king’s life. And marking the beginning of his extraordinary journey of redemption.

How were hundred years as a Tiger ? | Padam Purana

As the curse takes effect, King Prabhañjana undergoes a profound transformation. Both physically and mentally he was a changed soul. He is reborn as a majestic tiger and forced to roam the dense jungles. All he did was hunting for his survival.

The once-powerful king is now little more than a beast. The brutal truths of the animal kingdom are something he is struggling with.

padam purana

Prabhajana’s life as a tiger is vividly described in the Padma Purana. The hurdles he encounters, the interactions he has with other creatures, and the unrelenting passage of time. During this time, he develops a special perspective on life, karma, and the effects of his previous deeds.

What function did the cow Nanda play in the life of King Prabhajana?|Padam Purana

In the midst of his grief, Prabhajana meets Nanda. Nanda was a kind cow. Nanda, with her profound spiritual understanding and command of the scriptures. It turns out to be the tiger-king’s only refuge and source of direction.

padam purana

She imparts information about karma, and dharma.

Nanda’s teaching help Prabhajana understand the value of asking for forgiveness and the gravity of showing compassion. She instructs him on how to make a sacrifice and a beg for mercy.

In the end, this led him on a spiritual journey that altered the course of his life.

Return to Human Form of king Prabhanjana|Param Purana

As the hundred-year period of his curse approaches its end. Prabhañjana wA now a wiser and humbler soul. He begins to contemplate his return to human form. He embarks on a series of austerities and penances to appease the gods and seek their mercy.

The gods were moved by his sincere efforts and decide to grant him a second chance.

In a moment of divine grace, Prabhañjana is restored to his original form as a Kṣatriya king. However, he is no longer the arrogant and reckless monarch he once was. He returns to his kingdom with a transformed heart and a deep sense of remorse for his past actions.

Redemption and Lessons Learned

The tale of Prabhajana serves as a powerful metaphor for the concepts of karma, redemption and the transformational potential of regret and remorse. His transformation from a violent hunter to a modest and wise ruler serves as an example of the profound spiritual principles revealed in the Padma Purana.

The story of Prabhajana shows us that decisions we make have an effect and that even the most powerful people can lose support if they deviate from dharma. It also highlights the potential for personal growth and redemption in the face of daunting challenges.

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