Goddess Lakshmi Wishes: 4 powerful and devotional wishes

goddess lakshmi wishes

Goddess Lakshmi wishes to get all your dreams come true: Goddess Lakshmi wishes

goddess lakshmi wishes

Goddess Lakshmi wishes are so powerful. This Article is one of the most important and widely searched aarti for Lakhmi goddess. It is believed if you understand and recite the aarti each day, goddess Lakshmi showers it blessings on you.

For those who don’t know goddess Laskhmi is goddess of lakshmi i.e. wealth. Infact in an article we have explained the two symbol ubiquitous to Laskhmi ji and Lakshmi mata powerful aarti. Each thing in the world is associated with a god or goddess in Indian culture and philosophy.

According to Chanakya you can follow the wishes of Lakshmi mata and you gain her blessings faster and get all your wishes fulfilled. These wishes are nothing but some guidelines to run your life.

goddess lakshmi wishes

Who is Chanakya?

Chankya is called acharya i.e. the guru or sensei. He was highly skilled politician and economist. He was consulted by Kings and reputed people for understanding the philosophies of life and businesses. His predictions were considered accurate.

If you don’t then you must know he was involved in destroying the Nand Dynasty and bringing up of Maurya Dynasty.

He was a professor at Takshashila University. During this phase in life he wrote many articles to guide the general public and composed guidelines for various genre. goddess lakshmi wishes.

Chankya guidelines to fulfill wishes of Lakshmi goddess: Goddess Lakshmi wishes

Respect the wise

Chanakya emphasis that if you respect the person who is able and has wisdom over the fool, it will make Lakshmi goddess happy. The wise person can bring you close to the light in life whereas if you follow a fool he will only take you close to dead-end.

He explained that a fool will only make you raise the bar of the foolishness whereas the wise will make you learn and grow. Goddess Lakshmi wishes.

Respect guest

Respecting people who come over to our house. The respect is regardless of their financial or any kind of background. Treating people well gives immense happiness to goddess lakshmi.

So next time when you have guest over treat them well and equal and ensure they don’t step out of your house empty stomach.

Good relationship between couples

A house were husband and wife stay with harmony and respect each other as an individual, goddess Lakshmi definitely blesses that home. But if husband and wife often quarrels and are disrespectful to each other or use disrespectful words, Goddess Lakshmi does not give blessings.

Goddess Lakshmi wants couples to stay with harmony and peace. She expects non of the spouse is behaving bad with the other. Remember she is bless and take her blessings back if you don’t follow the guidelines.

Stay Discrete

Goddess Lakshmi wishes also demands us to not discuss everything with outsiders. In pursuit of discussion you will not be able to life a happy life. For example, if you have money issues, try not to discuss with people.

When people get to know that you don’t have money, they might feel you will not be able to return it back ever and will not help you. This also doesn’t means that you exploit people by lying wrong facts about your financial status. Any kind of bad intentions should be avoided.

So whether its personal problems or character of their spouse, keep everything discreet. Sharing extra information will only lead to people opinion that might effect your life in bad way.

So these were the 4 powerful goddess Lakshmi wishes by Chanakya for us to follow to seek the benefits of Lakshmi ji. It is on us how we want to look at these guidelines and wish to follow.

Goddess Lakshmi wishes are profound as they also give us a roadmap to lead a happy life.

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