Shani’s impossible promise to Hanuman: Tales of Powerful Hanuman

Shani's impossible promise to Hanuman

What is the connection between Hanuman and Shani?

Shani’s impossible promise to Hanuman Lord Hanuman was born on a Saturday, according to the Surya Sanhita. Rudra is another name for Lord Shiva, and Lord Hanuman is also Lord Shiva’s avatar.  

Shani Dev is one of the names in Hanumanshastranaam. Lord Hanuman’s hue is frequently compared to Shani Dev’s in Shastras. It is thought that Lord Hanuman’s colour is a result of Shani Dev’s vengeful gaze on him.

Shani's impossible promise to Hanuman

Why is Shani Dev scared of Lord Hanuman?

There are so many stories that explain about this promise. One of it is below.

Once Shani Dev is told by Hanuman ji to not disturb him as he was meditating and remembering Ram ji. But Shani Dev was determined to engage in conflict. Shani Dev was bothering Hanuman ji not realising what can happen next.

Hanuman ji extended his tail and wrapped Shani Dev around it. Shani Dev struggled to escape the tight hold as Hanumanji tightened his tail, but he was unable to. In order to avoid hitting Shani Dev with the stones, Lord Hanuman waved his tail up and down. He began to bleed. Shani’s impossible promise to Hanuman

Lord Hanuman was begged by Shani Dev to free him but Hanuman ji didnt. Then when the anguish grew excruciating, he asked for forgiveness. 

He further stated that he will never make the same error again. Hanuman ordered  Shani Dev to swear to him that he would never trouble Lord Rama’s followers. Shani Dev pledged that he would never obstruct Hanuman worshippers’ destiny. Then Hanuman set Shani Dev free.

Hanuman ji was always a true bhakt/ devotee of Ram ji. He could not bear anyone bothering him when he is meditating for Ram ji. He never wanted even the devotees like him who will or were worshiping Ram ji to be ever disturbed. As a blessing from him he make this Shani make this impossible promise to him. Shani’s impossible promise to Hanuman

Shani's impossible promise to Hanuman

How did Hanuman help Shani?

Once there was a big and powerful monarch by the name of Ravana. He was so powerful that he believed he had defeated every planet and star in the sky. To demonstrate his superiority over them, he would walk on their backs. Shani’s impossible promise to Hanuman

Narada, a knowledgeable saint, visited Ravana’s palace one day. Narada advised that Ravana step on the planets’ chests when he observed Ravana stepping on their backs. This would clearly demonstrate Ravana’s victory over the planets, according to Narada.

Ravana thought the concept was amusing and promptly gave the command to turn the planets around so he could step on their chests. Shani, also known as Saturn, was one of the planets that turned. Shani was a potent planet, and people thought his glare was equally potent. Shani’s impossible promise to Hanuman

Shani whirled around and focused a fierce glare on Ravana’s features. Ravana experienced a lot of struggle and misery as a result of this. Ravana grew furious when he realised Narada had played a prank on him. He made the decision to lock Shani up in a tiny, dark cell with no windows or doors out of rage.

Shani's impossible promise to Hanuman

Many years later, in the city of Lanka, where Ravana resided, a great follower of Lord Rama by the name of Hanuman arrived. Hanuman had been sent by Lord Rama to Sita, Ravana’s wife, as a messenger. Hanuman heard a muffled wail emanating from a dark jail while he was in Lanka.

When he investigated the source of the noise, he found that Shani Dev, the planet Saturn, was imprisoned and in distress. Shani’s impossible promise to Hanuman

Why Hanuman is worshipped for Shani?

The mighty and compassionate monkey god Hanuman opened the jail door and freed Shani Dev. Hanuman had saved Shani, and Shani was very appreciative of him. In exchange, Shani bestowed a particular blessing or wish to Hanuman.

Shani Dev was commanded by Hanuman not to bother or look down upon his followers. Hanuman got his wish, and Shani gave his impossible promise, not to hurt people who devotedly worshipped Hanuman.

From that moment on, individuals began to worship Hanuman in order to shield themselves from the problems brought on by Shani’s glare. They had faith that Hanuman would protect them and counteract the consequences of Shani’s Drishti.

What do we learn from this?

This tale offers us a number of significant lessons. It first serves as a reminder that being conceited and believing we are invincible might cause problems.

Ravana believed he had total power over the planets, but his conceit made him unaware of the repercussions of his actions. It teaches us the value of humility and the need to respect the universe’s might.

Second, the tale emphasises the value of wisdom and consideration. Saint Narada utilised his knowledge to correct Ravana. It serves as a reminder to heed the counsel of the learned and to weigh all available options before making a choice. Sometimes, pausing to think thoroughly can spare us from needless suffering. Shani’s impossible promise to Hanuman

The strength of kindness and compassion is another crucial lesson. Despite being a strong and valiant warrior, Hanuman was compassionate towards Shani Dev when he heard him call out for assistance.

He selflessly freed Shani from his gloomy confinement. This teaches us to assist others in need, despite the fact that they could have harmed us in the past. It serves as a reminder that deeds of kindness and compassion can make a big difference in other people’s lives.

The tale also highlights the importance of loyalty and faith. Hanuman received a particular blessing from Shani Dev as a result of his altruistic deeds and unshakable devotion to Lord Rama.

It tells us that having faith and a commitment to something will benefit and safeguard us. Shani’s impossible promise to Hanuman

We can find strength and get through difficulties by remaining loyal to our convictions and living out our religion.

Shani’s impossible promise to Hanuman Overall, this tale imparts to us the virtues of wisdom, compassion, and commitment. It inspires us to live humbly, seek out the advice of others, be nice to those in need, and grow in our faith.

We can live a healthy and rewarding life by incorporating these principles, overcoming obstacles with resiliency, and turning to the divine for support.

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