What are the 4 hands of Lakshmi?

What are the 4 hands of Lakshmi?

What does Lakshmi’s 4 hands mean?

What are the 4 hands of Lakshmi? The goddess of fortune, wealth, and prosperity is Lakshmi. The maintenance of life on Earth depends on wealth, and Lakshmi bestows both monetary and spiritual richness onto all living things.

One of the deities that appears the most in Hindu writings is Lakshmi. Both the Rig Veda and the Atharvaveda make the earliest mention of her.

She is discussed in greater detail in the Puranas, particularly in the Vishnu Purana, and she is frequently mentioned in the Upanishads, which discuss her abilities, traits, and other facets of this goddess of riches and prosperity. What are the 4 hands of Lakshmi?

Laksya, which means “aim” or “goal” in Sanskrit, is where the word Lakshmi comes from. Her name stands for the aspirations of life, which famous researcher refers to a “200% life” which encompasses material and spiritual prosperity.

How is Lakshmi ji depicted in Hindu Mythology?

Lakshmi is seen either sitting or standing on a lotus and wearing a red garment. She has four arms, which she uses to carry cascading gold coins and lotus blooms.

Her four hands stand in for the four goals of life: moksha, or freedom from the cycle of birth and death, dharma, or morality, kama, or wants, artha, or wealth. What are the 4 hands of Lakshmi?

The lotus is a symbol of grace, innocence, and fertility. The waterfalls of gold coins imply that she will provide wealth to people who worship her. Her crimson embroidered attire represents activity, and the golden lining represents wealth.

It is common to see two elephants spouting water adjacent to the deity. They serve as an example of how persistent work grounded in wisdom and virtue will bring about material and spiritual wealth.

Why Do Images Of Goddess Lakshmi Have Four Arms? 

What are the 4 hands of Lakshmi? Lakshmi is typically depicted as a gorgeous woman with four arms, perched on a lotus flower or standing there, and surrounded by white elephants. She is typically depicted with crimson clothing and gold jewelry, which represent riches.

What are Lakshmi’s four hands called?

The four goals of life—karma, artha, dharma, and moksha—are commonly represented by her four hands, which are frequently seen in her representations.

These are thought to represent the four Vedas as well. She also adorns a red sari with gold thread to further symbolize fertility, beauty, and riches.What are the 4 hands of Lakshmi?

In other words her four arms represent the four aspirations of humanity. 

Dharma (righteousness and responsibility) 

Artha (Wealth and material gratification)

Kama (Seek love and desires)

Moksha(Liberation from the cycle of life and death)

In this manner, Lakshmi reminds us that in order to be in the best position to receive her worldly and spiritual benefits, we must be clear and focused on our goals and aspirations.

How Can I Get In Touch With Goddess Lakshmi? 

A potent mantra to invoke Goddess Lakshmi is Shreem Brzee. Fridays and Full Moon days are her regular Powertimes (periods when her energy and blessings are most readily and abundantly available).  What are the 4 hands of Lakshmi?

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