12 main names of Lord Ganesh: Powerful Names

12 main names of lord Ganesha
12 main names of lord Ganesha

Ganesh ji’s 12 names

12 main names of Lord Ganesh. Lord Ganesh is the elephant-headed god and is one of the most beloved deities in Hinduism. He is known as the remover of obstacles. Infact Lord Ganesh is worshipped by millions around the world. In this post we aims to introduce you to the twelve names of Lord Ganesh, each carrying a unique significance and symbolism.

Whether you’re a devotee or simply curious about Hindu mythology join us on this enlightening journey as we unravel the captivating stories behind these names. 12 main names of Lord Ganesh are very powerful and if you understand the meaning you can easily picture him in your imagination.

12 names of Ganesha


The name “Ganesha” comes from two Sanskrit words: “gana” and “isha.” “Gana” refers to a group, while “isha” refers to Lord Shiva. Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati and Lord Shiva blessed him after he got elephant head. Because of the blessing he is known as the deity of knowledge and the leader of the heavenly creatures. His name signifies that he is the educated leader of all humanity. This is the second name out of the 12 main names of Lord Ganesha.

2. Vighneshvara

Lord Ganesh is also known as Vighneshvara, which means “Remover of Obstacles.” Vighneshvara has two words: “vighna,” and “ishvara” which literally “problems solving king or ruler.” When people face challenges or obstacles in their lives they seek Lord Ganesh’s blessings. Since he is really kind and helpful.

It is believed that Lord Ganesh can help us in overcoming any difficulties. That is why he is the deity who is worshipped when we are beginning new things. Also when experiencing new things. So if you have a new task or need assistance ask Lord Ganesh to assist us. And he will make things easy for us.3.


third name of the 12 main names of Lord Ganesha is Vinayaka, means “Supreme Leader” or “Chief of the Ganas.”  And “ganas” means  a large group of people that help Lord Shiva. Now Lord Ganesh is their leader of these people so he is called Vinayaka. And leader always protects and  proves his great power and importance.

12 main names of lord Ganesha

4. Gajanana

Gajanana is a Sanskrit word that means “Elephant-Faced” or “Elephant-Headed.” Lord Ganesh is special as he has the head of an elephant and the body of a human. Elephants are powerful, smart and know to bring good fortune. Gajanana enjoys these qualities.  And this is true for all of us as we all are unique and special too.

5. Lambodara

Lambodara means Lord Ganesh has large and round stomach. This word comes from two Sanskrit words: “lamba” which means large  and “udara,” means stomach.

 Lord Ganesh can learn a lot and understand everything around him. His huge stomach shows the  capacity of information  in can have and how he can understand the world. Lambodara is the fifth name of the 12 main names of Lord Ganesha

6. Ekadanta

Lord Ganesh’s name is Ekadanta. Ekdanta means q”One-Tusked.” The word “eka” means “one,” while “danta” means “tusk.” According to Hindu mythology Lord Ganesha cut off one of his tusks to use as a pen to compose the epic Mahabharata. The title symbolises his intelligence, ingenuity, and resourcefulness.

7. Heramba

Lord Ganesh is also called Heramba. Heramba means  “Protector of the Weak.” Lord Ganesha has caring nature and he offers protection and nourishment to the vulnerable. He gives his heavenly protection to everyone who seek refuge in him.


Vakratunda is other name for Lord Ganesh. The name is associated to his body part ,the twisted trunk. The term “vakratunda” has of two words, “vakrat,” means “twisted or curved,” and “unda” means “trunk.”

As a result unlike other gods, Lord Ganesh’s trunk is bent or twisted. This sets him apart from  the other gods.

9. Siddhidhata

Siddhidhata is a name ninth name that highlights Lord Ganesh’s ability out of the 12 main names of Lord Ganesha. This name simply means Lord Ganesha’s attribute to give blessings and fulfill desires of his devotees . “Siddhi” means accomplishment and “Dhata” means giver.

Lord Siddhidhata grants his devotees success, prosperity, and spiritual fulfillment. He is the one who empowers us to achieve our goals in life. Do you know Lord Ganesha was married to Riddhi, Siddhi and Buddhi?

12 main names of lord Ganesha

10. Gauriputra

Gauriputra is a another name of Lord Ganesh that shows how much his mother. Ma Parvati is also called Goddess Gauri loves him. All mother love and protects her child, Ma Parvati showers Lord Ganesh with same unconditional love and care. Gauriputra means “the beloved son of Goddess Gauri.”

She always supports him in everything he does. She even fought with Lord Shiva to get him the blessing to be worshipped before anyone. That is the love of a mother.

The name Gauriputra is the special bond between a mother and her child. It’s a beautiful name that represents the strong love and protection that Ma Parvati gives to Lord Ganesh.

11. Sumukha

Sumukha is a eleventh name for Lord Ganesh of the 12 main names of Lord Ganesha. It describes his beautiful face. Just like how we find joy in looking at pretty things, Lord Ganesh has a face that shines with love and calmness. It gives us a learning that the beauty that exists inside each of us.

12. Dhumravarna

Dhumravarna tells us about the color of Lord Ganesha complexion. It means “the one with a smoke-colored complexion.” Colors makes us look different. Lord Ganesh’s complexion is a unique gray color like smoke.
This name has a deeper meaning. It tells us about Lord Ganesh’s connection to sacred ash. The sacred ash is a symbol that reminds us that everything. This world is temporary. and will never last forever.

Lord Ganesh is a heavenly deity with many traits and characteristics. You have now read Lord Ganesh’s complex characters in the 12 main names of Lord Ganesha post. Each name reveals a unique aspect of his heavenly grace. Do you know how Lord Ganesha died?

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