What makes Saraswati angry?

What makes Saraswati angry?

Who is the enemy of Saraswati?

What makes Saraswati angry? Hindu goddess Saraswati is connected to the arts, music, and knowledge. She is frequently shown holding a book and a veena, a stringed instrument, and is thought to be the companion of Brahma, the creator god. In Hinduism, Saraswati is a highly adored deity, and many people pray to her for benefits in the areas of learning, creativity, and intellectual pursuits.

Even though Saraswati is typically portrayed as a kind and serene deity, there are few things that can enrage her. We will examine these issues in this blog post, as well as how to prevent them.

Disrespecting Knowledge

Being disrespectful to information is one of the things that might enrage Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom. Respecting educational institutions, professors, and books falls under this category. Since books offer knowledge and insight that can improve our lives, we should treat them with respect. The same goes for the educational institutions we attend and the people who work there; they give us the resources we need to achieve. What makes Saraswati angry?


Another thing that can enrage Saraswati is cheating. Cheating is dishonest and goes against the foundational ideas of education and learning. Cheating prevents us from learning for real and doesn’t benefit us in the long term. Instead, we should work hard to learn and comprehend the subject matter, and we should be sincere in our academic endeavours.


Another thing that can enrage Saraswati is arrogance. When we are haughty, we are closed off to new information and different viewpoints. Because we believe we already know everything, we are unwilling to consider alternative viewpoints. This may limit our ability to advance and pick up new skills. Instead, we should be humble, open to learning, and always eager to take into account alternative viewpoints.


Another thing that can enrage Saraswati is ignorance. The antithesis of knowledge, ignorance, might keep us from developing and learning. We become unaware of our surroundings and close to novel concepts or experiences when we are ignorant. Instead, we should make an effort to learn new things, broaden our knowledge, and be receptive to different viewpoints and experiences. What makes Saraswati angry?

Disrespecting the art

Being disrespectful of the arts, who is also known as Saraswati, is another thing that can enrage her. This includes treating musicians, artists, and entertainers with disdain. The arts give us beauty, inspiration, and creativity and are an important part of our culture and legacy. We should assist performers and artists in their endeavours and respect and enjoy the arts.


Another thing that can enrage Saraswati is violence. The fundamental tenets of Hinduism—peace and harmony—are opposed to violence. We are not operating in accordance with Saraswati’s teachings or the tenets of our faith when we use violence. Instead, we should aim for unity and peace, and we should try to find nonviolent ways to resolve disagreements. What makes Saraswati angry?

But as per another story Saraswati ji is angry also when she was taken otherwise.

Is Lakshmi jealous of Saraswati?

According to a myth found in the Bhagavata Purana, Lakshmi, Ganga, and Saraswati were Vishnu’s first three brides. Being the goddess of knowledge, intelligence, and learning, Saraswati frequently had discussions and disagreements with her husband and other deities. During one of these conversations, she caught Ganga amusingly turning to look at Vishnu from behind Lakshmi. Due to her feelings of insecurity and jealousy, Saraswati accused Ganga of diverting Vishnu’s attention from her.

Saraswati was enraged because she felt abandoned and ignored. She was resentful and spiteful because she thought Vishnu was ignoring her in favour of Ganga. Her insecurities and worry about losing Vishnu’s love were further sources of her rage. She then launched into a rage-filled tirade against Ganga, blaming her for taking Vishnu’s affection and focus. What makes Saraswati angry?

Is there a curse of Saraswati?

What makes Saraswati angry? Vishnu declined Ganga’s request for assistance because he did not want to take sides in the dispute between his wives. Instead, he opted to stay impartial. The fact that Vishnu offered no assistance would have inflamed Saraswati’s rage even more since she might have felt deceived by her husband’s impartiality.

Additionally, when Lakshmi tried to reason with Saraswati to calm her rage, Saraswati accused her of betraying her and cursed her to be born as the Tulasi plant. This was probably a result of Saraswati’s seclusion and betrayal sentiments, which made her strike out at everyone who tried to step in.

After Lakshmi was cursed because Ganga had supported her, Ganga became enraged and cursed Saraswati to take the form of an earthly river. By warning Ganga that sinful men would wash away their sins with her water, Saraswati in turn pronounced the same curse against her. What makes Saraswati angry?

Overall, Saraswati’s fear of losing Vishnu’s affection and attention, as well as her feelings of neglect and insecurity in her marriage, served as the catalyst for her rage in this epic. She attacked Ganga and even Lakshmi out of her rage and envy, which led to a slew of curses that afflicted the three goddesses.

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