Ganesh is the avatar of which God?

Is Ganesh the son of Vishnu?

Ganesh is the avatar of which God: Lord Ganesha or Ganapati is one of most loved deities who is worshiped before all major gods and goddesses. Ganapati or Lord of common people is called with many names like Vinayaka, Pillaiyar,etc.

Ganesh is the avatar of which God?

Ganesha is highly regarded almost all across India. If you travel from Jammu and Kashmir to Kanyakumari, you will find him everywhere in many forms. People visit temples or recite Ganesh Arti(prayer) every time they start something new. 

Devotees of Ganesha firmly believe that Lord Ganesha showers success, property and protection from evil. Ganesh has many roles and one is of a destroyer of vanity, selfishness and pride. Ganesh is the avatar of which God

If we talk about appearance he is an elephant faced with a rotund belly. Most pictures depict him with four arms and in one arm he holds his own broken tusk and Laddoo(indian sweet ball) in other hand.

In many portrayals he is standing or seated or crossed legged, his each posture has different meaning.

Mouse is known as vahan(carrier) of Ganesha. Infact most pictures of Ganesh has him giving Laddoos(indian sweet ball) to mouse. [Ganesh is the avatar of which God]

Ganesh was son of Goddess Parvati and God Shiva. Ma Parvati wanted a son who was knowledgeable, strong and intelligent like Lord Brahma and innocent like her husband Lord Shiva. She prayed to Lord Vishnu and her wish was granted.

Ganesh is the avatar of which God

As a lay man it is beyond our understanding to comprehend the description of Puranic Katha which explains about Hindu culture and the god and goddesses we worship.

In many stories it is told that Lord Ganesha was born when Ma Parvati. She made her son out of a piece of cloth and requested Lord Shiva to bring him to life. Ganesh is the avatar of which God

One of the well known stories of Lord Ganesha is when Ma Parvati went for bathing. She asked her to keep a check that no one disrupts her. [Ganesh is the avatar of which God]

Ganesh is the avatar of which God?

When Lord Shiva came, Lord Ganesh stopped him from entering. Not realizing that the little boy was his own son, Lord Shiva cuts off that boy’s head. Ganesh is the avatar of which God

When Ma Parvati saw what happened to her son, she started crying and requested to bring the child back to life. Lord Shiva promised to bring the child back to life and went on a search to get a new head for the child. 

The first creature they saw while searching was a baby elephant. So with his powers he gave the little boy a new head of an elephant.

Ma Parvati was happy that her son was back to life but sad that now no one will worship their son as he looks nowhere close to a deity. Ganesh is the avatar of which God?

Ganesh is the avatar of which God?

That very time Lord Shiva blessed Lord Ganesha that from now on if any devotee offered prayers to any lord, he/she has to pray to Lord Ganesha first. This is also a reason why before any Yagya or Pooja one has to worship Lord Ganesha. [Ganesh is the avatar of which God]

Some stories also explain that Lord Ganesha was created directly by Lord Shiva’s laughter. But in India you hear many versions of same incident. As they say this beyond our understanding we must understand the meaning of it. Ganesh is the avatar of which God?

In Hindu mythology most deities are the avatar(incarnation) of Lord Vishnu or Lord Brahma or Lord Shiva. But according to the Ganesh Puran, Prabhu Ganesh was the avatar of Lord Prabhu MahaGanpati. He took different incarnations at every Yuga.

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