Legends of Ganesha coming on mouse as a vehicle

Legends of Ganesha coming on mouse as a vehicle

Why Hindu deities come on animals?

Legends of Ganesha coming on mouse as a vehicle

Legends of Ganesha coming on mouse as a vehicle Hindu deities are distinguished by the fact that they have their own vehicles. These vehicles, mounts, or vahanas are usually animals or birds. They are frequently shown beside their ‘vahanas’. These vahanas depict the deities who ride them and reflect their characteristics or qualities. Thus, Lord Shiva’s mount, the bull (‘Nandi’), denotes strength and virility. The swan or ‘Hamsa’, which represents grace, knowledge, and beauty, is Goddess Saraswati’s vehicle. Shani has various vahanas, including the vulture, raven, and crow. Lord Ganesha rides a mouse or rat known as Mooshika in Sanskrit. It represents the crushing of pointless thoughts.

Lord Ganesh with his vehicle ?

Images of Ganesha without his vehicle can be seen in the ancient Scriptures. The Ganesha Purana discusses Lord Ganesha’s various incarnations. For example, Mohotkata’s vehicle is a lion. Dhumraketu travels on a horse, Gajanana on a mouse, and Mayuresvara on a peacock.

Why does Ganesha travel on a rat?

Legends of Ganesha coming on mouse as a vehicle

A mouse sits near Lord Ganesha’s foot in western and central Indian iconography, and this practice dates back to the 7th century. Do you know why Ganesha mounts such a small animal as a mouse? Legends of Ganesha coming on mouse as a vehicle

What is the story behind Ganesha and mouse?

The mouse originally appears as Ganesha’s mount in the Matsya Purana. It later appears in the Brahmananda Purana and the Ganesha Purana. Krauncha was a celestial musician-god, according to the Ganesha Purana. When he accidently walked on Sage Vamadeva’s foot, the sage became enraged and cursed him to transform into a mouse. However, once his emotions had calmed down, he felt guilty for flying off the handle. So, to console Krauncha, he promised that one day, even the gods would bow down to him.

Because the mouse was so large, it harmed everything in its path. Ganesha happened to be visiting Sage Parashar one day. Krauncha, on the other hand, destroyed the sage’s ashram. Ganesha was irritated and intended to confront the huge mouse responsible for the damage and give him a lesson. He let loose the ‘paasa’ (rope), one of his weapons. It snatched Krauncha by the neck and dragged him to Ganesha’s feet.

What is name of Ganesha’s vahan mouse?

Krauncha pleaded with Ganesha to forgive him. Ganesha consented on the condition that he shrink and serve as his mount for the rest of his life. However, after shrinking, Krauncha was unable to carry the weight of Lord Ganesha, who was quite chubby. So he prayed Ganesha to help him lose weight, and Ganesha agreed. Lord Ganesha’s conveyance has been the mouse ever since. Sage Vamadeva’s prophecy was thus fulfilled when the mouse became Ganesh’s conveyance. Legends of Ganesha coming on mouse as a vehicle

Because his chariot is a mouse, Lord Ganesha is thought to be able to access all the tiny nooks and corners and complete his mission of destroying impediments. Mice can fit through tiny openings and constrained spaces, even at night, due to their small size. Ganesha can now travel without any obstacles thanks to this.

Mushikasura version of mouse as vehicle of Ganesha

According to one legend, there was a Demon named “Mushikasura” who was vanquished completely in a battle by Lord Ganesha. To avoid punishment, the Demon offered to be Lord Ganesha’s “Vaahana” (mount vehicle). 

What is significance of Ganesha using the mouse as his vehicle? 

Legends of Ganesha coming on mouse as a vehicle Ego is represented by the mouse. The usage of the mouse by Lord Ganesha indicates the necessity to manage the ego, and it is believed that one who regulates his ego possesses Ganesha consciousness. Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival honoring the Lord of the Universe. The wandering mouse also represents the human mind’s inconsistency.

The mouse also signifies obstacles that Lord Ganesha crushes. It demonstrates that with the right information, any difficulty can be solved.

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